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Celebrating 30 Years of Snuggledom


Earthshot One

Countdown Commence

Stardate 26 July 2020 15:49

Wntercamp7 Nobby Beach QLD AU

In celebration of the next 30 + years, to share our great blessings – which are about to multiply immeasurably – we establish and endow the Murihiki Nature Trust in Murihiku “the tail end of the land” Southland New Zealand – in perpetuity receiving 51% of the abundance flow from Earthshot One Aotearoa New Zealand and from the AHA.

Accept our love in thanking you in advance for anniversaries gifts made out to the Earthshot One Fellowships – All for One and One for All Again.

Anniversary gifts are donated through our partner in the Earthshot Series – the Climate Mobilization Project.  It’s so cool.  Check it out below.  Share the love and bring home the bacon.

All our love, B&G

Earthshot One Fellowships

Climate Change into a Beautiful Future, Let Us Join Together and Make It So

From the Golden State treasures of Silicon Valley to the Salish Sea and beyond, in partnership with the estimable

Climate Mobilization Project

We swiftly attract donations, epic-sized and backer-sized, all appreciated massively

to award fellowships providing a thriving wage through 2030 to

100 + master level climate-positive whole system practitioners

from diverse walks of life

Earthshot One Fellowship – Kickstart Cohort One

Earthshot One Fellowship – Kickstart Cohort One


Endowing the Murihiku Nature Trust at Establishment

51% of the Abundance from Earthshot One Aotearoa New Zealand and the AHA Endows MNT

Click to view the evolving vision board for the establishment of the Murihiku Nature Trust.