Earthshot One Aotearoa New Zealand

Leaping the South Island of Aotearoa New Zealand to a Green Hydrogen Society-based Regenerative Earth Positive Economy

Attention Climate Mobilization Mob

Activate Phase Shift to a Green Hydrogen Society

We appreciate and honor the vision and care for our common home that HRH Prince William highlights with his personal support for the Earthshot Prize

We are inspired and guided by Common Earth’s definition of Regenerative Development, their Regenerative Learning Lab, and their mission to advance a movement of cross-sectoral collaboration to regenerate the wealth of Earth’s commons. Common Earth is a partner of the Commonwealth Innovation Hub and works in close alignment with the Commonwealth’s Charter.

We profoundly thank Sir David Attenborough for his life of magical service sharing the enchantments of nature – our most precious heritage.   Enjoy Sir David’s spellbinding 3 minute video call to action below.

If not us, who? And if not now, when?

Completed in 1971, the Manapōuri Power Station was expressly consented to provide affordable power to anchor economic development in the Southland Murihiku Region.  One anchor is the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter which has provided employment through the decades currently over 1,000 direct jobs.  Tiwai Point is set to be closed August 2021, causing a region wide disruption to a way of life.

Guided by our prime directive – A Just Transition – we have imagineered and shaped a path to establish a minimum viable green hydrogen ecosystem starting on the South Island rippling northward from the Murihiku Region.

We are currently launching a family, a whānau of independent, naturally coupled cooperative social enterprises at climate mobilization pace.

Guided by the Papatipu Rūnanga and all stakeholders, we are coming to understand the transition opportunities and navigational considerations that are key inputs for determining the location and sequencing of reimagined fueling centers.  We connect in person, when and as possible.  When not possible, we stay connected virtually utilizing the community activism and engagement tool Loomio from the cooperative enterprise Enspiral in Wellington.  We also capture much of the discussion during in person meetings in Loomio threads.

Meet Our Family of Cooperative Enterprises

The first stage in an accelerated shift to a green hydrogen society is the electrification of high utilization segments of transport, leading with green hydrogen supply, accompanied by offering affordable fuel cell fleets as a service.

Murihiku Hydrogen “MH” will supply and distribute compressed green hydrogen in the near term by utilizing structurally curtailed green electricity from Manapouri as input to generate affordable hydrogen from proven, standard manufactured electrolyzers, and accompanying components, which will be placed and assembled near Tiwai Point with fueling centers around the roads of the South Island.

Mana Haven “MHV” – So much more than re-imagined road stops, Mana Havens hold place for clean fueling & gigabit communications, where Maori and multicultural youth, modern elders and visitors gather in community at an accredited live / work / study academy that is also a visitor resort for communing in reciprocity with cultural ambassadors.

Mana Havens are purposefully placed in magical backroad settings throughout the South Island and in regional travel gateways such as Invercargill, Dunedin, Christchurch and Queenstown.

7fleets invites trade-ins of high utilization fossil buses and vehicles and supplies fuel cell electric buses and vehicles as a service. The “as a service” offering bundles green hydrogen fuel with vehicle longevity maintenance. 

Loaner vehicles are provided during vehicle maintenance.  Plugin hybrid vehicles are available for occasional travel to destinations that do not yet have green hydrogen fueling.

7fleets places adopted fossil vehicles in high need, low utilization circumstances on a similar as a service basis, thereby taking major steps in reducing the carbon footprint of aging fossil vehicles.

AHA itself acts as the network orchestrator and structures relationships, off-take agreements, outcomes, risk reduction via algorithmic and scenario modeling, compliance with regenerative values, all with rigorous, lean, and agile processes.

Self-managing teams are kept in synch by maintaining up-to-date vision boards, Loomio threads, project management boards, and high trust communications across a seemingly broad scope of engagement.

We nurture relationships with Maori Iwi, relationships within Aotearoa New Zealand, and with global hydrogen experts and Asia Pacific customers.

All is done in compliance with our prime directive: A Just Transition that delivers generative community wealth creation. AHA entities are 51% owned by the Murihiku Nature Trust.