crypto pirates of the Climate Positive Kind pay tribute to the AHA placing offerings in the ever-flowing Treasure Chest of the AHA, they do.


crypto funds accelerate the launch of Earthshot One Aotearoa New Zealand and are used to reduce lead times by being able to swiftly make deposits on critical path components and imagineering services before project plans are sufficiently developed for conventional funding.

the Pirates’ Code articulates governance appropriate to the purpose of allocating these funds to accelerate adoption of a Regenerative Earth Positive Economy – a drum beat heard first in Murihiku swiftly rippling out and around the Noosphere.

captain bob + 2 members of the board of directors of the AHA, 2 out of 3 multisig each specific disbursement, unless there is a swift principled objection from 1 of 3. most disbursements are blockchained transparently and contemporaneously, select ones are redacted upon agreement of 3 as expedient.

remaining treasure after all is said and done only then become the property of the Murihiku Nature Trust as endowment.