Digital Twin Introduction

Overview across several vertical sectors

Excellent IBM overview briefing including reference to Watson AI – video 7 minutes
There is a notable Digital Twin from Australia called Willow.   They have so far focused on smart buildings and railroads. Their short videos do a pretty good job deepening and understanding of a digital twin by seeing it in use in a couple different areas. 
– Willow for the Built World, Video specific to Smart buildings.
– Willow for the railroad industry. The page has two videos worth watching 2 minutes each
Digital twins for the electric industry
1. The network digital twin from GE – video 2:27
2. Excellent Siemens article on digital twins with the electric grid / smart grid
(3). Here is a link to a 12 page PDF that deepens Siemens article above. You may want to save it till the end
4. Digital twins are changing the grid – April 2020
5. Short reinforcing article to Siemens / Bentley partnering above
6. California wildfires and how digital twin might have averted public safety blackouts, causing economic harm and reducing revenue for the utility
7. Small Washington state electric co-op
8. Netherlands project retrofitting a digital twin to existing grid in order to understand and simulate bringing renewables on to existing grid.
As of April 2020