Capital Funders for Algorithmic Hydrogen Alliance

AHA is attracting capital from these categories of Funders:

  • On going, large capital raises from long term holders of solid yield, managed risk, project finance annuities where the payback stream is based on revenue from long term Green Hydrogen Impact Procurement Agreements with AAA credit customers.
  • Initial modest capital raise from equity investors ranging from strategic corporate investors and accredited individual impact angel investors to the new crowd of non-accredited everyday people making small angel investments for the better good.  See Investor Menu
  • Occasional grants from government agencies with a mandate to support clean energy innovation and implementation.

Financing Specialized Green H2 Equipment

Project Finance Securities have gained broad acceptance in the financing of a range of specialized and high-tech projects and equipment going back to the early days of hydro electric dams and computer mainframes.  This financing category is well understood.  AHA is simply introducing the latest specialized equipment that will become mainstream in the Zero Carbon Hydrogen economy such as Electrolyzers and other H2 Gas related products.

Invest Green with Solid Yield, Managed Risk

For many organizations, particularly foundations and endowments, Project Finance-backed securities with green impact without sacrificing a solid yield are ideal mission aligned investments.  AHA’s proprietary machine learning algorithms manage risk for annuity holders by predictive analysis of where electrolyzing hydrogen is becoming cost effective.  AHA further reduces risk by obtaining long term Green H2 purchase agreements from AAA credit rated customers.  Lastly the annuities are secured by the specialized Green H2 generating equipment manufactured by global companies such as Germany’s Siemens.