Reduce Costs and Align your H2 Supply to the Global Goals

  • As a buyer of industrial hydrogen, you are a decision maker in a global market which in 2017 had annual revenue of USD 130 billion growing to USD 180 billion in five years.  In 2017, 95% of industrial hydrogen was generated from fossil fuels, releasing massive amounts of pollution and CO2.
  • Accordingly, we are inviting you to become an Anchor Buyer of Green H2 in order to begin to actualize the transformation of your supply chain to resilient, regenerative, and known price sourcing in accord with the 17 Global Goals and your ESG commitments, in a manner that complements and evolves the existing industrial hydrogen supply infrastructure.
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Electrolyzed Hydrogen from Renewable Energy – zero carbon “Green H2” is, in certain situations, just crossing over to become lower cost than steam reformed generation of hydrogen.  As we all now realize, steam reformed “dirty H2” is a large emitter of CO2 and pollution.

We invite industrial H2 Buyers to begin a dialogue to collaboratively explore and determine how we can create a situation for your supply chain to cross over to lower cost Green H2 sooner than your competitors.

As an Anchor Buyer or Anchor Customer, your company commits in the present to re-direct its future sourcing to Green H2.  There is no cash outlay now.  We work together to define the terms, conditions and timing of an Green Hydrogen Impact Procurement Agreement “HIPA” that will enable a smooth, incremental shift toward increasingly sourcing Green H2 at a lower cost than sourcing dirty hydrogen.

These agreements, these HIPAs enable AHA to unlock the financing, in the form of project finance-backed annuities, necessary to build out the capacity to supply you and our other early adopter customers with low cost Green H2.

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Renewable energy deployment is on an exponential growth curve.  This is leading to increased excess supply of renewable energy at certain times of day and other periods.  This excess supply is currently wasted or curtailed.  AHA is harnessing this otherwise wasted electricity as a very low cost source of clean electricity as the key input to electrolyzing hydrogen, creating low cost zero carbon Green H2.

The price of natural gas is a key determinant of the price of steam reformed dirty hydrogen.  Natural gas prices, while currently quite low, have a history of fluctuating widely.  All the while, the price of renewable energy continues its steady drop.  Current natural gas prices also do not include the externalities or the costs of pollution and CO2 emitted.  Major brands are increasingly accounting for these costs in their internal price determinations even if many governments are not.

Meanwhile, in accord with Moore’s Law and Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns, the price of electrolyzers and other equipment needed to generate and transport Green H2 will decrease, particularly as volume increases and scale production is achieved.  AHA will be a prime mover in bringing volume adotpion to these technologies.

Become a Champion of the Future of Business

This inspiring six minute video narrated by World Business Academy Founder and President, Rinaldo Brutoco, beautifully expresses a call to action to join the “business for good” movement and be a part of the future of business.  The team at AHA are proud to be working closely with the Academy.

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