The California Air Resources Board “CARB” has been the global leader in setting policy and incentives for clean air since the 1950’s.  They once again see the future clearly through all the smog from vested interests in fossil fuels and the industrial age economy.  Learn more from this timely article published in Green Car Progress on September 14, 2018.  Note the significant participation by the venerable US heavy truck brand Kenworth.  Excerpt:

“The Zero and Near Zero-Emission Freight Facilities project—proposed with support from Toyota, Kenworth, and Shell—provides a large-scale “shore-to-store” plan and a hydrogen fuel-cell-electric technology framework for freight facilities to structure operations for future goods movement. ”

For an even deeper understanding of the possibilities with hydrogen for heavy freight trucking, read this August 9, 2017 Forbes article by Mark Ewing.